Attorney Fees




Hourly Billing


As most lawyers, we bill attorney fees for legal services according to the time required to provide the service. For clients who prefer to pay when billed and on their approved credit, we bill semi-monthly with payment due in ten days.


Evergreen Billing


We offer what is termed Evergreen billing for attorney fees in which our hourly rate is discounted by about 25%. Based on your case information, we establish an initial retainer amount. As services and costs are provided, the retainer balance is reduced accordingly. When the retainer balance reaches a third of its original amount, you promptly augment the retainer to its original balance. For example, if the initial retainer was $6,000 then, when reduced by charges to $2,000, you return the balance to its original $6,000. The initial retainer is non-refundable. At the end of the case, any remaining retainer balance is fully refundable to the client.


Fixed Fees


We offer fixed fees for specific legal services such as premarital agreements, post-marital agreement, incorporations and certain family law motions. Following consultations with you, we will propose fixed fees for services based on the scope of work as agreed to between the client and the firm. The firm is not obligated to provide fixed fee services but will do so if in its sole judgment the client and the firm benefit.  Fixed fees are payable in full and in advance.  Costs associated with fixed fee services will be estimated and paid in advance.  Additional costs will be billed; unexpended costs will be refunded in full at the end of the service.




Out of pocket costs advanced on the clients behalf are payable in addition to attorney fees for legal services. Some costs are paid directly by the client. Costs are billed in the amount paid; no service charge is added.