Family Law

As a California Lawyer, I provide legal services in the areas of Family Law, Premarital Agreements, General Business, General Litigation and Family Law Mediation. My approach to client matters is more practical than theoretical. For example, in family law matters, I have been through the dissolution process personally and know, first hand, the stress it places on children and parents. As opposed to most lawyers, I am an experienced business executive who understands how business operates as well as the legal issues which commonly arise. Thus, I understand the effects of a client's legal matters on the client personally. I think that helps me better serve my client's total needs, not simply their legal needs.



As a California lawyer, I provide legal services in the areas of:


  • family law, premarital agreements;
  • business;
  • general litigation; and
  • mediation.




  • premarital agreements; post-marital agreements;
  • divorce, legal separation and annulment;
  • child support, custody and visitation;
  • spousal support
  • community and separate property division; and
  • family law mediation.




  • formation;
  • business plans and corporate finance;
  • buy-sell agreements




  • corporate, partnership and LLC disputes;
  • breaches of contract, frauds
  • real estate; HOA
  • privacy, fiduciary duty and other torts
  • collection and enforcement of judgment




  • family law settlements;
  • business settlements 



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